ENM Solutions provides the support you need to plan, execute, adapt and manage your infrastructure, investment and compliance.

There is an increasing awareness on the sustainability, cost, and reliability of energy within our communities. We are all considering the future landscape of energy and what impact it will have; and, more importantly, what impact we will have. It is crucial that our communities continue to have conversations about the current and future landscape of energy, and strata communities and commercial owners are no different.

The importance of having the right partner to facilitate and inform these conversations is now more important than ever. It ensures that your Energy Strategy caters for today and tomorrow, and aligns your needs, vision and community expectations. Our expertise and breadth of services ensures that you can be confident the first steps you take, are the right ones.

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Our Solutions

ENM Solutions is a leading provider of Microgrids, Energy Strategy, Embedded Networks and Professional Services across the National Electricity Market (NEM). We are an accredited Embedded Network Manager with the Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO).