ENM Solutions is an independent expert and leading provider of energy and Professional Services in Embedded Networks and Microgrids.

Our expertise in defining your Energy Strategy ensures your Strata is not only prepared to address these challenges, but to optimise the value and opportunities they present.

What is Energy Strategy in Strata?

Energy Strategy for strata title communities (Strata) is the collaborative process of planning, executing, adapting, and managing energy infrastructure, investment, and compliance requirements for the future.

Our process of collaboration captures the broader economic, social, technological, environmental and compliance related issues and opportunities early and ensures all relevant stakeholders are involved and informed. The engagement of all relevant stakeholders ensures that with regular communication and review, planning can be adapted swiftly and effectively.

The first step in the planning process is to evaluate and define the current ’state of play’. This establishes the starting point from which to build your Energy Strategy, and asks questions surrounding how your Strata will report and evaluate performance and consideration on whether a private electricity network (Embedded Network / Microgrid) is required

Executing and Adapting
Having taken the time to ask the necessary questions you can comfortably and confidently begin to execute your Energy Strategy.  Working with specialist partners ensures your vision is executed within a defined scope, keeping sight of the goals set by the Strata, while adapting and refining the Energy Strategy to remain current and optimised.

Owners, committee members, and other stakeholders can be transient and lose interest over time. Who will be managing the progress over the following weeks, months, and years? Are they an independent and qualified party, without a conflict of interest? The responsibility to keep stakeholders informed and stay up to date with the changing rules, regulations and technologies is an important one.

For more information, you can find a copy of our article in Property Managers Australia here or head to our Insights page to read through a case study of Energy Strategy in action at Camelot Terrace in Queensland.

Should you or a project you are involved with be interested in discussing how Energy Strategy can work for you, including consideration of an Embedded Network or Microgrid, please contact us for an informed discussion about your Energy Strategy.