Using Consultants to Develop an Embedded Network: How ENM Solutions’ Consulting Aids Melbourne Property Owners

Have you considered the potential value to your business that on-selling electricity represents? From high-rise apartment buildings to shopping centres both large and small, almost any operator of a multi-unit building can benefit. Whether you’ve already set up an embedded network or you are early in the planning stages, the complexity of this undertaking is likely already apparent. Additionally, the law has recently changed surrounding operators of embedded networks. You must prepare yourself to not only operate within the bounds of regulation but to do so in a way that is in the property’s financial interest. To accomplish this task, it can be helpful to look at the services of experienced embedded network consultants in Melbourne.

At ENM Solutions, our business centres on providing embedded network operators with the guidance and insight necessary for success. Through our consultancy, we can accomplish many tasks, from helping you determine the feasibility of the project to answering questions about metering infrastructure. Our abilities extend far beyond a one-time consulting assessment, though we are happy to provide as much or as little insight as you require. When you want to on-sell electricity in conditions that are both friendly to your tenants and your bottom line, there is much to consider. How will we develop a solution?

Balancing the scales to deliver an effective embedded network

The first step is to assess the viability of your plans. If your network is already set up, our consultants can examine your operations and look for areas to make improvements. If you are just beginning, we will speak with you about processes such as meter installation and negotiating for your electricity rates. Our team guides you through the process of buying electricity; this includes estimations of how much power your properties consume per annum. With skilled technicians on-hand, we understand the demands of meter installation, too.

From there, we can discuss how you will charge and bill your Melbourne tenants. Maintaining a stable rate that fully covers your costs is important — but you should also want to keep as many customers in the-network as possible. To do so requires the right price point and dependable service. Through our in-depth consulting services, we can help you achieve that.

Reach out to our embedded network consultants in Melbourne today

Setting up an embedded network often makes the most financial sense for large properties. Understanding your duties as an operator, and the best way to administer your network takes time to understand. Through ENM Solutions’ embedded network consulting, Melbourne individuals can access years of experience to implement a strategy aimed at hassle-free revenue generation. Whether you need assistance in buying electricity or you aren’t sure how to set a competitive rate for your tenants, our consultants are here to answer all your questions. Call us on 03 98 366 366 for a friendly chat, or visit our contact page to submit an email with consulting questions.