Add Renewable Generation to Your Embedded Network: an Embedded Generator

Embedded Generator

Add Renewable Generation to Your Embedded Network: an Embedded Generator

Have you been thinking about implementing renewable generation as part of your Embedded Network? Throughout the electricity industry in Australia, renewable energy is becoming increasingly common and in-demand. Embracing embedded generation – whether in the form of solar power, wind turbines, or other renewable technologies – can provide energy security, flexibility and efficiency.

What You Can Expect from ENM Solutions Regarding Embedded Generator Management

When it comes to embedded power generation, you can expect ENM Solutions to meet the needs of your Embedded Network. We provide an array of different Embedded Network services to organisations throughout Australia, including building owners, building managers, body corporates and owners’ corporations. Here are a few things you can expect when you choose us to help with your embedded generator management:

  • In-depth Embedded Network knowledge: ENM Solutions brings more than 15 years of Embedded Network services experience to the table. We are qualified to fulfil the role of Embedded Network Manager (ENM) and have done so for numerous organisations. Our knowledge of Embedded Networks and how they work makes us the perfect entity to assist with embedded generator matters.
  • Our familiarity with renewable energy sources: At ENM Solutions, we read the signs a while ago that the industry was moving more and more in favour of embedded generation. As our clients sought to sell electricity to their customers, we saw their growing desire to generate some of that electricity on their terms. We also saw the increasing preference for renewable resources, as more organisations pursued sustainable, carbon-neutral operations. We have responded to those signs and are now ready to assist with any queries regarding embedded energy generation.
  • Our regulatory knowledge: ENM Solutions knows the ins and outs of all Embedded Network rules and regulations. If you have a question about these regulations—or about how renewable generation might affect your compliance—we can advise.

Related Services We Provide to Embedded Network Renewable Generation

In addition to Embedded Network renewable generation, ENM Solutions also offers a variety of services centred around Embedded Networks and the ENM role. These services include:

  • Embedded Network Manager (ENM) services: ENM Solutions is a fully-accredited ENM with the Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO), which means we are qualified to link your Embedded Network Customers to the National Electricity Market (NEM) if they desire to do so. That process can involve anything from assigning National Meter Identifiers (NMI), to replacing infrastructure around your network. With our help, you will be able to give your customers access to a whole market of possibilities for electricity as required under the National Electricity Rules.
  • Professional Services: ENM Solutions can help you with all parts of your Embedded Network or Microgrid – from implementing an Embedded Network and Solar Generation, to Battery Storage and integration of Electric Vehicles.
  • Metering solutions: On-selling electricity is a profitable venture for building owners, body corporates, Owners Corporations and other similar entities—hence the existence of Embedded Networks in the first place. For this kind of system to work, though, you need to be able to perform consistent, timely and accurate measurement of your customers’ electricity usage. At ENM Solutions, we can provide metering solutions, including manual meter reading at your site.

Why Customers Should Use ENM Solutions

ENM Solutions is a market leader for Embedded Network Professional Services and the Embedded Network Manager role. If you are making any changes to your network—including the addition of an embedded generator—it is essential to consult with a fully informed entity. ENM Solutions would be proud to play that role for your organisation. Contact us today to learn more.