Embedded Network Management Consultants in Brisbane

When you’re running a building of any kind, it’s your job to care about utility costs. This fact is true of residential and commercial properties, as each requires working lights, effective heating and cooling, running water and more. One of the most important resources for any modern building is electricity, which makes proper configuration of your electrical system a must. If your building supplies power to multiple different users, one of the easiest ways to deal with electrical utilities is to consolidate them via an embedded network. Embedded networks use a single parent meter to manage electricity for all a facility’s users, which can streamline the process considerably. From here, the electricity is on-sold to tenants. To achieve desirable results, however, each embedded network must have effective management.

Embedded network management can be a complicated process, but it’s a necessary one. In fact, as of December 2017, all embedded networks will require an embedded network manager to abide by new national rules. An embedded network manager provides oversight for the network and helps any customers who wish to be on-market to complete the process. Some facility operators choose to handle management duties and the accreditation process themselves, but even if you complete this long and costly process, you may occasionally require help. To that end, it’s smart to partner with a company who has experience in embedded network management. ENM Solutions’ consultants in Brisbane offer such services so that operators who have opted to manage their own networks can find appropriate resources.

You can find the best embedded network consultants in Brisbane by contacting ENM Solutions, a company with more than 15 years of combined experience with these networks. At ENM Solutions, we’re highly skilled in all the areas required to manage a network efficiently, from reading meters and the regulations behind billing, to MSATS access and handling tenant credits, and even dealing with GST. Furthermore, we offer flexible options so that each client can use our services in the way that suits them best. In addition to embedded network consulting in Brisbane, we’re able to provide dedicated managers for networks that can provide long-term efficiency to customers.

How Embedded Network Consulting in Brisbane Empowers You:

We’re happy to provide dedicated management, but one of our main goals at ENM Solutions is to give you the required tools and skills to one day manage the network on your own. We see our role in the industry as being larger than mere service providers. We also endeavour to be an educational resource and an industry leader, providing examples that the rest of the country can follow through our consulting. Aspiring to be role-models means we’re happy to share our knowledge about embedded networks, making us a highly accountable organisation with which to partner.

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