Professional Embedded Network Management Consultants in Gold Coast

Gold Coast is one of the most beautiful stretches of land anywhere in Australia, but the cost of living can be tough to handle at times. Likewise, the cost of operating a residential building can be daunting, especially if yours isn’t always full of tenants. The same is true for commercial building managers, who sometimes struggle to keep all their available space rented. However, there’s an easy way for managers to offset the money lost on empty space while providing tenants with affordable power for their homes, keeping everyone happy and more comfortable. That process is called energy on-selling through an embedded network, and it’s currently one of the most popular strategies used in complexes with multiple tenants across the country.

Energy on-selling offers the potential for a win-win scenario to tenants and facility management alike. Here’s how it works: instead of every tenant in a building sourcing their own electricity, a single parent meter is installed between the main grid to provide electricity for every user. This electricity is then on-sold to tenants at a competitive market rate. Because embedded networks essentially equate to a “bundling” of energy from a single provider, the electricity company producing the power is often able to offer highly competitive rates, making power more affordable for tenants. At the same time, facility operators receive a fee for sourcing and providing the power, which helps them to cover the costs of any unused spaces in their buildings. The result is relief for building operators and affordable power for tenants. Of course, for energy on-selling to work properly, the embedded network requires proper management.

Why use Professional Help?

Some building operators, acting as the embedded network manager, have performed their own embedded network management over the last several years, but unless they want to go through the process of becoming accredited as an embedded network manager, that option is about to go off the table for good. Incoming regulations as of 1 December 2017 stipulate that all embedded networks require an appointed accredited embedded network manager to remain compliant and avoid fines or other penalties. Even if you’ve recently become accredited, you may find that the process of managing your network is labour intensive. After all, there are lots of other things a facility operator must take care of to keep their tenants happy, which means you may not have time to learn network management through trial and error simultaneously.

How to Hire Embedded Network Management Consultants in Gold Coast

One way to ease the pressures of successful network management is to hire professional help. That’s one area where ENM Solutions can help. ENM Solutions offers embedded network consulting in Gold Coast and many other areas, which helps facility operators keep their networks efficient and their tenants satisfied with their service. Consulting provides operators with an experienced authority on the subject who they can count on whenever they have questions about the way they need to run their embedded networks, and enough time with consultants can ultimately be highly educational for recently accredited managers. Hire embedded network management consultants in Gold Coast from ENM Solutions today and make sure your network can always do its job.