Embedded Network Manager Question: To Become Accredited, or to Hire an Consulting Team in Sydney?

If you operate an embedded network for a building, complex or multi-unit property you own, then you are probably already aware of the new embedded network management rules set to go into effect 1 December 2017. Essentially, in December 2015, the Australian Energy Market Commission created a new rule meant ‘to reduce the barriers to embedded network customers accessing retail market offers.’ In other words, the rule will still allow building owners to create embedded electricity networks for their premises, but it will also guarantee tenants the right to pursue alternative electricity services if they see fit.

The rule, which goes into effect on 1 December 2017, also requires all embedded network operators to appoint accredited embedded network managers. At ENM Solutions, we are already certified as an embedded network manager and are offering embedded network consulting in Sydney and throughout the National Electricity Market (NEM). If you need to appoint an embedded network manager, we can take on the role—either temporarily or through an ongoing consultancy agreement.

Becoming Accredited as an Embedded Network Manager

If you own a multi-unit building that provides tenants with electricity via an embedded network manager, then you may be considering pursuing accreditation on your own. The new AEMC rules simply require embedded network operators to appoint an accredited embedded network manager for their networks. Those managers don’t need to hail from a third party; they just need to have the proper accreditation. In other words, you can serve as the manager for your own embedded network if you take the time to acquire the necessary accreditation.

With that said, such an option might not be in your best interest—especially if the embedded network is just a small part of your business. The accreditation process for becoming an embedded network manager can be time-consuming and expensive, and it frankly won’t prove to be worth it for many embedded network managers, landlords, building owners or property managers.

Hiring an Embedded Network Consultants in Sydney

If you don’t want to go through the costly hassle of becoming an embedded network manager in your own right, then the best option is to establish a relationship with an embedded network consulting company like Sydney’s ENM Solutions. We provide independent solutions for networks across Australia, ranging from embedded network up as a greenfield development to metering and to helping network operators find someone to handle the billing process. In short, we offer an affordable, trustworthy, transparent, and user-friendly way for you to stay compliant with embedded network regulations without having to go through a lengthy and expensive accreditation process.

Even if you do decide to pursue accreditation, you might benefit from hiring an embedded network management consultant in Sydney on a short-term basis. We can make sure you are compliant on 1 December 2017 when the new regulations start. We can also consult on certain aspects of network management—such as competitive billing rate—to help you build a foundation for an effective market.

No matter what your plans are for the future, ENM Solutions and our embedded network consultants in Sydney are happy to help. Ring us on 03 98 366 366 to discuss a short-term or long-term consultancy.