Building Tenants Better Electricity Service, with a Third Party Embedded Network Manager

Traditionally, embedded electrical networks have been viewed negatively by much of the Australian population. These private networks—usually operated by the embedded network managers of apartment complexes, office buildings, retail shopping centres and other buildings with multiple units and tenants—have the potential to deliver significant benefits to tenants and building owners alike. However, because of mismanagement and monopolisation, embedded networks have developed a mostly negative connotation.

Stay Competitive with Your Building Electricity Network by Keeping Your Embedded Network Compliant with New Rules

Mismanagement of embedded electricity networks is what we are fighting against at ENM Solutions. We are an embedded network management company, which means that we assist building owners in managing their embedded networks. Our first job is to help you with the more menial tasks of embedded network management—from simple meter reading to the complicated compliance with billing regulations. Our second job is to help your business stay on the right side of new rules, which regulate embedded networks throughout Australia and mandate the requirement for an Embedded Network Manager.

On 17 December 2015, the AEMC (Australian Energy Market Commission) voted to approve a new rule that will require all embedded networks in Australia to hire an accredited embedded network manager. The purpose of this rule is to give tenants in buildings where embedded networks are present the option to access retail market offers for electricity.

Previously, embedded network managers could require all tenants to join and pay for their electricity through the embedded network. They didn’t have to allow tenants to consider other options for energy. This legalised monopoly will disappear when the AEMC rule goes into effect on 1 December 2017. As such, embedded network managers who want to continue to enjoy the convenience and monetary benefits of having an embedded network should work to make their networks competitive value with other options available on the market.

Restore the Reputation of Embedded Networks: Hire an Embedded Network Manager Today

In an ideal situation, an embedded network would be in the best interest of both the tenant and the owners. In an embedded network, the embedded network manager arranges a service agreement with an electricity retailer to provide energy to the building or complex. The energy is then on-sold to the tenants and occupier. This option is convenient because it means that tenants don’t have to shop around for electricity and building owners don’t have to deal with multiple electricity companies. In theory, it should also be the most affordable option, since building owners can get significant discounts when buying electricity in bulk.

Unfortunately, building owners have often abused this system, charging tenants for uncompetitive electricity rates and doing little to offer decent customer service when asked why. At ENM Solutions, we can help with your embedded network management to make sure that your network is an attractive option for your tenants. In short, we can give you (and your tenants) the benefits of an electricity embedded network without the often associated drawbacks.

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