Embedded Network Manager Provides Quality Management Solution in Brisbane

It’s impossible to imagine residential or professional life without access to electricity, and yet so many of the people who use it on a regular basis are unaware of how their electrical systems work. One term you may have heard floating around recently is embedded network, but if you’re not sure what this means you may want to learn. In Australia, the embedded network market is becoming a popular solution for facility managers and building owners with multiple tenants, but new regulations will soon change the way they work. If you want to join the growing list of organisations who rely on embedded networks for their electrical needs, you’ll need to know what they are and how to make the most of them in 2017.

An embedded network essentially simplifies the power structure of your building complex. It does this by establishing a parent meter that supplies the total electricity for your property and the users in your building. The parent meter creates a single point through which you can manage the electricity for the entire building. From here, the electricity is on-sold to the tenants on the owner’s behalf. Proper management of such a network is utterly essential for those hoping to reap large savings with an embedded network. After all, any technology is only as good as the people who use it. When embedded networks were first introduced, many people questioned their effectiveness. However, the reality is that the concept and technology behind embedded networks is perfectly viable. It’s only their management that varies from building to building, and from owner to owner.

Finding the right embedded network manager in Brisbane is as simple as contacting ENM Solutions, a company whose members have more than 15 years combined experience assisting the operators of embedded networks across Australia. At ENM Solutions, we provide embedded network management solutions for Brisbane embedded network managers, businesses, and building managers, as well as consultants for troubleshooting and technical support. Our services help ensure that your embedded network is running the way that you intended, so that you and your residents can enjoy savings and streamline your power consumption.

Experience Helps Us Meet Your Needs

Embedded network management is essential, but it’s not necessarily easy. That’s why professional experts exist to perform the required duties. Yes, you can become an embedded network manager yourself, but this requires official accreditation, which can be a painstaking and expensive process. Instead, it’s advisable to trust professionals who know these networks well so that you can increase the efficiency of your own and use it to offset a portion of your utilities.

Hire an Embedded Network Manager in Brisbane Now and be Prepared

On 1 December 2017, all embedded networks will require an embedded network manager to comply with new Australia-wide National Electricity Market (NEM) Rules. Hiring a manager now will prepare you for this change and make sure you avoid fines or other penalties after the implementation date. Besides, the sooner you start using a skilled manager for your network, the sooner you’ll make it as efficient as possible! For more information on the policies and practices of ENM Solutions, contact us today and ask how we can help you achieve the best results from your network.