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Beginning 1 December of 2017, all individuals who oversee an embedded network of energy distribution within a building will need to adhere to new rules issued by the government. These rules state every embedded network operator (ENO) must provide a pathway for purchasing power from outside the network. To facilitate this, the regulations stipulate you must designate an accredited embedded network manager for your Melbourne operations. An organisation in this role will not only coordinate with your customers who wish to purchase on-market electricity, but will also work in close collaboration with you. As you might expect, this change could have significant ramifications for embedded network operators.

More competition in the marketplace can only be good for consumers. It may allow you to negotiate an even better rate for your tenants. However, it also brings with it new challenges. Don’t worry, though — navigating these new regulations does not have to be a source of anxiety. View it instead as an opportunity to evaluate your efforts and put into place a system for more robust management.

The duties of embedded network managers in Melbourne

When you’re engaged in on selling electricity, shouldn’t you be certain you’re maximising the return on your investment? Enlisting the help of consultants providing embedded network management to Melbourne buildings helps you do that while complying with the regulations. At ENM Solutions, our consultants stand ready to bring our experience and in-depth knowledge of the energy sector to bear for our clients.

The new role for the embedded network manager could be taken on by existing ENOs. However, the accreditation process is complicated and can be expensive. Therefore, we are ready to step in to fulfil this role. In doing so, what responsibilities do we assume? The primary purpose of the new rules is to provide your tenants with streamlined access to retail market offers, including sharing information and assisting customers with transitioning to outside metering. Compliance in this area will be critical to avoid hefty penalties. Overall, our consultants aim to allow you to focus solely on your role as the ENO. Meanwhile, we handle routine management tasks that would otherwise consume valuable time and energy.

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Non-compliance can be costly. Why take the risk when there is a more convenient choice available? When you engage ENM Solutions’ embedded network management consultants in Melbourne, we provide detailed insight and guidance into how best to steward your network for success. This guidance includes developing solutions for the new embedded network manager role. Additionally, as your partner, transparency and accountability are imperative to our team. Our managers will always endeavour to provide you with the clearest picture possible regarding your network’s health and provide the steps necessary to comply with the law. Let us begin a discussion about the solutions you are looking for today; contact us on 03 98 366 366 to start the conversation.