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Gold Coast is one of the most beautiful stretches of land anywhere in Australia, but the cost of living can be tough to handle at times. Likewise, the cost of operating a residential building can be daunting, especially if yours isn’t always full of tenants. The same is true for commercial building managers, who sometimes struggle to keep all their available space rented. However, there’s an easy way for managers to offset the money lost on empty space while providing tenants with affordable power for their homes, keeping everyone happy and more comfortable. That process is called energy on-selling through an embedded network, and it’s currently one of the most popular strategies used in complexes with multiple tenants across the country.

Energy on-selling offers the potential for a win-win scenario to tenants and facility management alike. Here’s how it works: instead of every tenant in a building sourcing their own electricity, a single parent meter is installed between the main grid to provide electricity for every user. This electricity is then on-sold to tenants at a competitive market rate. Because embedded networks essentially equate to a “bundling” of energy from a single provider, the electricity company producing the power is often able to offer highly competitive rates, making power more affordable for tenants. At the same time, facility operators receive a fee for sourcing and providing the power, which helps them to cover the costs of any unused spaces in their buildings. The result is relief for building operators and affordable power for tenants. Of course, for energy on-selling to work properly, the embedded network requires proper management.

Why use Professional Help?

Some building operators, acting as the embedded network manager, have performed their own embedded network management over the last several years, but unless they want to go through the process of becoming accredited as an embedded network manager, that option is about to go off the table for good. Incoming regulations as of 1 December 2017 stipulate that all embedded networks require an appointed accredited embedded network manager to remain compliant and avoid fines or other penalties. Even if you’ve recently become accredited, you may find that the process of managing your network is labour intensive. After all, there are lots of other things a facility operator must take care of to keep their tenants happy, which means you may not have time to learn network management through trial and error simultaneously.

How to Hire Embedded Network Management Consultants in Gold Coast

One way to ease the pressures of successful network management is to hire professional help. That’s one area where ENM Solutions can help. ENM Solutions offers embedded network consulting in Gold Coast and many other areas, which helps facility operators keep their networks efficient and their tenants satisfied with their service. Consulting provides operators with an experienced authority on the subject who they can count on whenever they have questions about the way they need to run their embedded networks, and enough time with consultants can ultimately be highly educational for recently accredited managers. Hire embedded network management consultants in Gold Coast from ENM Solutions today and make sure your network can always do its job.

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Vacancy rates around Australia are rising, and in areas like Gold Coast the effects are hard to miss. Commercial and residential buildings alike are seeing more and more empty units, which has left various facility managers in somewhat of a challenging position. Figuring out how to cover the income gaps left behind by former renters isn’t easy, but there are ways to help mitigate the losses. One popular method is the practice of energy on-selling, which has seen a dramatic rise across the country in recent years. Energy on-selling allows embedded network managers or facility managers to become the suppliers of electricity for their whole buildings, by sourcing and distributing power among the inhabitants. This is accomplished through an embedded network, which uses a single parent or gate meter to purchase and manage the flow of power to each user in the building.

Embedded networks can be extremely useful to facility managers and their tenants alike. Managers gain an advantage from being able to fill in income gaps, while the bundling process allows tenants to receive highly competitive rates. By finding the right balance between the rates required to make embedded networks beneficial to facility managers and those needed to keep tenants happy, it’s possible for all parties to gain a cost-benefit advantage when you use this concept correctly. All you need to implement an embedded network in your property are a few infrastructural changes, and a skilled manager to keep the network functioning properly. Once the owners are in agreement, you’re good to go.

Appointing an independent embedded network manager isn’t just a good idea—they’re about to become required by the new rules. As of 1 December 2017, every embedded network will require an appointed manager to comply with new rules across the National Electricity Market (NEM), which means embedded network operators should start thinking about their managers now. If you already have an embedded network but no manager, you’ll have to consider whether you’re willing to put in the time and money to become accredited yourself. If you want to put an embedded network in your building for the first time, you should consider securing your manager at the same time, so you don’t receive a shock at the end of this year.

ENM Solutions Provides Embedded Network Managers in Gold Coast

Fortunately, there is an easy embedded network management solution available in Gold Coast. ENM Solutions has more than 15 years of combined experience managing networks for operators engaged in energy on-selling, and we have what it takes to make sure your embedded network is providing the benefits your tenants will expect. Whether you’re at the early stages of acquiring an embedded network, like putting in the necessary infrastructure—or already operate one and need management to make it more efficient, ENM Solutions is here to help. Our help will empower you to focus your time and resources on the other tasks in your building that need to be taken care of, without having to worry about how your network is doing.

Independent Embedded Network Management Consultants on the Gold Coast

It’s difficult to think of anything we rely on for our day to day activities more than electricity. Electricity powers most of our appliances, keeps the lights on, and makes many of our heating and cooling systems work properly. That being the case, however, many people in Australia still don’t understand how best to source their electrical power—especially if they share complexes with multiple other users. In apartment buildings, shopping centres and offices, tenants sometimes struggle to provide their own power needs affordably. These structures can also be challenging for their owners and operators, who may be affected by dwindling revenues if their tenants decide to move elsewhere. Fortunately, there’s an answer that can provide an easy solution for all parties: energy on-selling.

You can accomplish energy on-selling by implementing an embedded network, which supplies electricity from a single provider for the whole building, and on-sold to all the tenants. This process often allows providers to offer highly competitive rates since they’re servicing many accounts at once, and since the building embedded network operator is acting as an intermediary, they are often able to obtain a margin from the surplus of their tenants, which can be used to alleviate other expenses. You might be thinking about installing an embedded network, or maybe you already run a facility that uses one. In either case, though, you’re going to need somebody to manage it.

What Does an Embedded Network Manager Do for My Network?

Embedded network managers will provide embedded network management services, and ensure that your embedded network complies with upcoming mandatory rule changes. You can manage the network by yourself, but you’ll need to become accredited before 1 December 2017 if you want to do so, because new regulations will come into effect at that point requiring an accredited network manager to be mandatory. If you need help learning how to manage an embedded network quickly and easily, you might want to bring in some help from experienced professionals.

A Strong Choice: Independent Embedded Network Consulting on the Gold Coast

Consider partnering with an independent embedded network management consultants in Gold Coast. Consulting helps to make sure you can always talk to someone with relevant skills and experience when you need them, or outsource management functions to them in a pinch. You can find some of the best independent embedded network consultants operating in Gold Coast by approaching a company whose track record of working with embedded networks goes back for years. ENM Solutions has a decade and a half of experience among its members, and since 2014 they’ve provided high quality consulting for a wide variety of operators.

Independent Embedded Network Management is Easy with their Gold Coast Managers

Meeting the needs of your tenants in an affordable fashion is a challenge for those tasked with operating or managing large facilities. If you’ve found yourself in the position of operating a high-rise apartment building or a large commercial facility with multiple tenants (like a shopping mall or office building), then you already understand this better than most. You need to weigh your own needs with the needs of every occupant of your building, striking a balance between cost-effectiveness and tenant satisfaction. One simple way to accomplish this is by on-selling energy to your tenants, using an embedded network to provide all of them with energy from a single provider. Embedded networks can make your tenants happy by providing them with competitive rates they don’t need to source themselves, and can allow you to offset other expenses with the surplus. To make this happen, all you need is a competent embedded network manager to keep your network efficient.

Efficient management is the key to successful embedded network implementation, and the most crucial factor in making sure your network continues to deliver optimal results. That’s not all, though—in fact, a new role will be introduced called the embedded network manager and will be mandatory for all embedded networks in Australia to appoint. As of 1 December 2017, new rules will make it impossible to have an embedded network without an appointed accredited embedded network manager. What does this mean for you if you’re a building owner or facility operator? Simple: you can save money with an embedded network, but managers will keep your system compliant and ensure the best use from it so that your tenants are also reaping the benefits.

ENM Solutions Provides Independent Embedded Network Management on the Gold Coast

When you want to find independent embedded network management on the Gold Coast, an excellent place to begin your search is with ENM Solutions. Since 2014, ENM Solutions has been helping embedded network operators all over Australia figure out how to make the most of their embedded networks. They provide independent embedded network management services to Gold Coast clients as well as consulting services so that operators can eventually become confident and knowledgeable with this concept. Hiring a manager for an embedded network prevents operators from having to spend the considerable time and money it takes to become properly accredited and frees up their schedules so that they can address the other needs of their tenants. ENM Solutions provides some of the best management in this highly specific industry, acting as an experienced and transparent authority whose skill keeps rates friendly for tenants and facility operators alike.

Do You Have Questions About the Concept? Ask the Pros

Quick, knowledgeable, accountable and efficient—that’s the way ENM Solutions endeavours to operate. The company focuses on striking an important balance with each network they work on: allowing tenants to get competitive rates while operators can still benefit from a surplus. If you have questions on how professional assistance can help your embedded network and the people it serves, contact ENM Solutions today.