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Sunshine Coast is home to some of Australia’s biggest and best tourist attractions. From shopping malls to resort hotels and public markets, there are plenty of reasons to visit—or to set up shop! If you’re a business owner involved with Sunshine Coast’s booming hospitality and tourism industries, you probably deal with lots of people at once. If you need to accommodate those people though, you should think beyond customer service. Short term rental accommodation is a perfect example: the people who stay in them expect everything to be perfect. They need the lights to stay on, the heat or air conditioning to work, the television to function and the hairdryer to run when they plug it into the bathroom wall. You can solve all these needs with one simple commodity: electricity. However, providing for the electrical needs of numerous users in a single building can be a daunting task and very expensive!

On-selling Energy: The Practical Solution

What’s the easiest way to make sure that all your guests have power? Simple: bundle it. On-selling energy is the easiest way to provide power to all the people staying on your premises, using one parent meter to handle the power for an entire complex. This arrangement is also called an embedded network, and its advantages are twofold: first, bundling your power in this way can often result in competitive rates from power companies, which can bring down costs for your tenants. Second, reduced rates mean you can make a little margin to cover other costs of running your business—and your guests can still end up paying less than they would have by sourcing power for themselves! An embedded network an excellent way for owners of short term rental units to cover gaps in earnings during slow seasons where fewer people are renting rooms or cabins. It’s also an elegant solution for mall managers with high rates of store turnover.

Find Embedded Network Managers for Your Sunshine Coast Business

If you operate such a facility, there’s a good chance you already have an embedded network. If you do, you’ll want to make sure it’s under proper management, since this is the most critical part of creating a mutually beneficial situation for yourself and your customers. Embedded network management in Sunshine Coast saves time, and when done correctly, it helps make rates more affordable too. Because of this, Australia is planning to implement nationwide required management for embedded networks in December of the current year. That means you’ll want to appoint an accredited embedded network manager for your Sunshine Coast facilities soon.

ENM Solutions can help. Our combined experience covers the better part of two decades, and our managers can handle even the toughest aspects of working with an embedded network, including report preparation and meter reading. With our help, you’ll be able to make electricity affordable for everyone at your facility—even you! Contact ENM Solutions today for more information, or to speak with a representative today.