Set up a Metering Solution for Your Embedded Electricity Network in Sydney

Do you operate (or plan to start running) an electricity embedded network for the building or complex you manage? If so, then one of the most complex parts of the process is figuring out the metering. You need an accurate, accredited meter to track your building’s overall electricity usage, as well as the individual usage numbers for each tenant. Without a verified meter in place, you risk overcharging or undercharging your tenants—both of which can be damaging.

ENM Solutions: What We Do and How We Can Help You with Metering

At ENM Solutions, we are an embedded network manager based in the Sydney area. We work with a range of building owners—including shopping centres, apartment blocks, office buildings and more—to provide functional, affordable and legally compliant electricity embedded network. Come 1 December 2017, every embedded network operator in Australia will need to appoint an embedded network manager or face fines and other consequences for non-compliance. ENM Solutions is ready to provide the services that building managers throughout the country are required to provide.

Metering is a big part of the services you will get from ENM Solutions through our embedded network management in Sydney. Since launching in 2014, we have built a massive business of meter servicing across Australia. Indeed, our business currently services more than 100,000 meters throughout the country—not just electricity meters, but also gas meters, water meters and more. We know how to install, maintain, check, replace and read any meter, to provide the maximum levels of accuracy and dependability.

Accuracy and reliability are both essential characteristics for a healthy, competitive embedded network. Knowing that your metering solutions can deliver consistently accurate readings guarantees that you aren’t overbilling or underbilling your tenants. That said, with new regulations on the way, embedded networktenants will have more power than ever before to buy the electricity service that appeals most to them. In other words, if your building’s embedded network isn’t competitive with other options available on the market, you are going to lose revenue.

Get Help with Your Metering Needs from ENM Solutions and Our Embedded Network Managers in Sydney

With embedded network management services from ENM Solutions, you can make sure that your network has a strong, competitive foundation. If you don’t have a metering solution in place yet, we can quote, provision, and install the required single phase, three phrase, and CT meters, all market compliant. If you are worried that your meter is giving inaccurate readings, we can check it to make sure it is still in working order. We can even provide ongoing meter reading services so that you can run your embedded network and bill your tenants more efficiently.

Beyond metering, we also provide other embedded network management services in Sydney. Whether you need help purchasing electricity from a provider or need advice on the best billing rate for your tenants, ENM Solutions is here to lend a hand. Call us on 03 98 366 366 to learn more or get a price quotation for your preferred service.