Work with ENM Solutions to Manage Your Embedded Network and Microgrid project!

Embedded Network Microgrid

Work with ENM Solutions to Manage Your Embedded Network and Microgrid project!

Are you managing an embedded network or embedded network microgrid, or considering establishing one? If so, ENM Solutions can help. Microgrids are beholden to all the same rules as Embedded Networks. As an accredited Embedded Network Manager (ENM), ENM Solutions is accredited to lend a hand with the compliance of your network and experienced to help with this type of electricity setup.

The Importance of an Embedded Network and Microgrid

A microgrid is like an Embedded Network in many ways in that both are independent electricity grids. However, only a microgrid can operate independently of the rest of the grid. These systems can increase efficiency and reduce emissions, while also offering the operators of multi-tenant buildings to on-sell electricity and make a profit. Microgrids incorporate significant additional benefits, such as:

  • Solar generation: Increasingly, consumers are seeking energy-efficient means of living or working. Microgrids, by incorporating on-site solar generation, enable the use of renewable energy within a private grid.
  • Battery storage: In the case of an emergency—be it a disaster or a simple technical glitch—Microgrids can feasibly leave all tenants or consumers within the grid without power for a period of time. Microgrids enable battery storage, which can be invaluable during such emergencies.
  • Electric vehicle charging: As more consumers opt for electronic vehicles, the prevalence of at-home or at-work charging stations is only going to grow. Microgrids can support these charging stations.

Problems ENM Solutions Addresses

At ENM Solutions, we can assist you in managing your embedded network microgrid. We help network operators avoid numerous problems or pitfalls with experienced advice, including:

  • Regulatory issues: Microgrid operators must follow all the same regulatory rules as Embedded Networks, including the requirement to have an ENM for the site. ENM Solutions can play this role, helping to manage your site and keep you out of regulatory hot water.
  • Lack of foresight: Most Embedded Networks are focused squarely on their current private network and making a surplus, which are just the first phase of microgrids. At ENM Solutions, we already have our eyes fixed on the future. If you are ready to advance to the Embedded Network microgrid, our foresight and willingness to embrace the future will fit well with your forward-thinking ethos.

About ENM Solutions

With 15 years of experience in the world of Embedded Networks—and with the accreditation necessary to play the ENM role—ENM Solutions is a trustworthy source for knowledge and assistance with any microgrid. Contact us today to learn more.