Setting up Embedded Networks: Work with ENM Solutions

Embedded Network Compliance

What is Embedded Network Compliance?

Often, the phrase ‘embedded network’ has a negative connotation. Purchasing electricity in bulk and on selling to customers in an embedded network is supposed to provide a simple and cost-effective way for tenants to buy electricity. Unfortunately, there have been situations where customers are overcharged for electricity. Worse, embedded networks sometimes make it difficult for customers to access retail competition and buy electricity from cheaper sources.

These negative connotations sometimes discourage would-be embedded networks from being set up in buildings, developments or communities. However, while some customers have had bad experiences with embedded networks in the past, that doesn’t have to be the way in the future. On the contrary, a network that is set up and managed correctly can be an incredible way for customers to achieve competitive market rates while also creating a source of revenue for building owners or body corporate managers.

Unlock the Benefits of an Embedded Network

If you are interested in offering embedded network services but are nervous about stumbling into setup and compliance issues, ENM Solutions can help. Since 2014 we have been helping Embedded Networks. We know how to set up Embedded Networks, ensure complete compliance, guarantee competitive rates for customers and how to make the whole process worthwhile. In short, we know how to take those negative connotations that are associated with embedded networks and turn them into benefits.

The unnecessarily negative viewpoint of embedded networks is only one reason that many building owners steer clear of them. The other big obstacle is the new requirement for appointing or becoming an accredited Embedded Network Manager.

As of 1 December 2017, most Embedded Networks will need an accredited ‘Embedded Network Manager’ (ENM) to offer embedded network management services and retain Embedded Network information. Failure to appoint an ENM may lead to civil penalties by the AER or the revocation exemption. This change leaves building owners and body corporates with a choice: 1) dismantle the Embedded Network, 2) undertake accreditation as an ENM or 3) appoint a third party as the ENM.

If you wish to embrace the benefits that embedded network can bring to your building or development, then option three is your best bet. Appointing someone who is already accredited as an Embedded Network Manager will save you the time and money necessary to go through the accreditation process. Having someone affordable who can serve as embedded network provider on your behalf will take a lot of the weight off your shoulders.

Contact ENM Solutions

At ENM Solutions, we offer the affordable embedded network manager services you’ve been seeking. We will manage the ENM compliance on your behalf, help you keep track of embedded network compliance standards and help you find someone to bill for your electricity—among other services. To learn more about us and our work as Embedded Network Managers, contact us today.