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Embedded networks provide owners of high-rise buildings, industrial complexes, shopping centres and large residential estates in Adelaide with an extra revenue stream, and being able to maximise surplus wherever possible is vital in this ultra-competitive world where things are increasingly unpredictable. Embedded networks allow you to purchase discounted electricity in bulk and then on-sell it to your tenants to produce a surplus of funds. You’ll pay for the electricity in full based on the primary gate parent meter and then recover the costs by charging residents for the electricity they use, based on their personal meter.

The main benefit of embedded networks concerns the price of electricity. Because you’re buying in bulk, the increased purchasing power allows you to secure high-value deals, and even though you might make a small margin on the electricity that tenants use, they’ll still likely pay less than they would by sourcing their own electricity from a provider of their choice. However, many people believe that the tenant’s lack of choice regarding the electricity provider and fees is unfair, which is why some new rules will come into effect from 1 December 2017. The changes will give individual tenants more freedom on where they purchase power from, as well as requiring the appointment of an accredited embedded network management consultant in Adelaide.

At ENM Solutions, we’re here to ensure your embedded network remains feasible after the changes come into effect. Our consultants can help you maximise your surplus by finding and negotiating the best price from electricity retailers as well as conduct a feasibility analysis – including network tariffs – to identify areas for improvement. In addition to helping improve your embedded network, we can also carry out meter readings and meter checks to take a tiresome task off your hands, giving you more time to concentrate on other pressing landlord duties.

Independent Embedded Network Consulting in Adelaide

At this point, you might be worried that your tenants will stop purchasing electricity from you and instead find an electricity retailer after the rules take effect on 1 December 2017. However, you’ll find most residents will stick to the embedded network for the reasons listed below.

  • If done correctly, Purchasing electricity from the owners of an embedded network is almost always cheaper than finding another provider. Because you, as n owner, with an embedded network, can buy electricity in bulk for a discount, you can afford to on-sell that electricity to your tenants at a cheaper rate than they could find elsewhere while still maintaining a surplus.
  • Residents don’t need to waste time finding a provider and waiting for the changeover – Many tenants would be happy purchasing electricity from an embedded network manager if it was cost effective, simple, and saved time.
  • They may be attracted to your green initiatives – Those tenants who are particularly conscious of the environment may find your offerings favourable if some of your energy comes from free green initiatives. This can include production of electricity from Solar (PV) array, located on the common areas of the building, which is provided to tenants for no additional cost, or the implementation of battery technologies and electric Vehicle (EV) charging.

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