Best Independent Embedded Network Management Consultants in Brisbane

Modern conveniences can be something of a double-edged sword. You rely on them for your comfort and safety, but they can also take some upkeep to remain viable. Such is the case with electricity, which is perhaps the most important resource used by modern buildings. Whether you’re in charge of making the decisions regarding power for a high-rise apartment building or an office that houses multiple businesses, you’ll need to make sure your tenants always have access to affordable and reliable power. In recent years, one of the easiest ways to do this is by providing power for everyone in the building with a single parent meter. The electricity is then on-sold to the tenants. This system is called an embedded network, and when implemented properly, it can make your job a lot easier.

Let’s make one thing clear right away: embedded networks are only as efficient as how they are managed. Using a single parent meter for your building doesn’t make providing power an automatic process, and there are still a lot of tasks that need to be taken care of to make it efficient and profitable. These range from reading the meter and billing the tenant, to managing debt for each tenant, putting in new infrastructure when appropriate, and dealing with applicable taxes. You might be able to master these skills on your own in time, but new regulations are set to take effect on 1 December 2017 that will mandate an accredited embedded network manager to be appointed for each embedded network. If you’re not confident in your ability to make it through the long and sometimes expensive accreditation process by yourself, it might be wise to look for professional help. That’s why ENM Solutions’ independent embedded network consulting available throughout Brisbane and many other regions.

How Independent Embedded Network Consulting Helps Brisbane Embedded Network Operators

Independent embedded network management consultants at ENM Solutions help Brisbane corporations and building managers learn the ins and outs of working with their embedded networks so that these networks continue to provide savings and an income stream to their owners. While you’re learning how to handle management duties, they’ll be at your side to act as partners and sources of support. The level of involvement they’ll undertake at first makes it important to partner with experienced independent embedded network consultants. Brisbane is home to plenty of consulting companies, but you’ll want to work with people who work exclusively with these sensitive embedded networks.

Consider ENM Solutions

One of the best relevant consulting groups available in Brisbane is ENM Solutions, whose 15 years of combined experience with embedded networks has resulted in an exceptionally detailed understanding of their needs and requirements. ENM Solutions works with each client to understand the electricity needs of their tenants and manage the network in a way that lets operators provide affordable rates to all of them. We act as transparent partners so that you can gain confidence in the way your network functions and learn to manage it yourself in the future. Our industry leadership has helped us optimise network usage for a wide range of commercial and residential building managers over the last several years, and we look forward to working with you as well.