Hire Independent Embedded Network Management Team for Help

To give customers more rights to the electricity that they purchase for their homes or businesses, the Australian Energy Market Commission passed a new rule that will further regulate embedded electricity networks throughout Australia. As of 1 December 2017, every embedded network will have to appoint an accredited embedded network manager. The person in this role will be responsible for ensuring compliance, protecting the rights of customers, assessing the profitability and feasibility of the embedded network and helping the network owner stay competitive with the rest of the energy market.

The Embedded Network Manager: A Newly Required Role

The new AEMC rule ostensibly creates a brand-new role in the energy industry: that of the embedded network manager. The rule is in effect as of 1 December 2017, and individuals and businesses in the industry have already begun going through the accreditation process.

Some of these people or businesses will be independent embedded network managers. Businesses providing independent embedded network management services do not operate embedded networks of their own (as an embedded network operator)—whether in apartment complexes, retirement villages, office buildings or other multi-unit buildings. Elsewhere, though, organisations who own and operate their own embedded networks— embedded network managers and building owners like yourself—will also be going through the accreditation process.

Leading up to 1 December 2017, when the new AEMC regulations go into effect, you have a few choices to make for your building. First, do you want to continue offering your tenants electricity through an embedded network? If so, you need to appoint an embedded network manager. You may choose to go through the accreditation process yourself; however, it is worth noting that this process is time-consuming and costly and may be difficult to complete in time for the rule change.

To avoid fines, your best option might be to hire a third-party embedded network manager. If you do decide to go the third-party route, it’s important to understand the difference between an independent embedded network manager and a non-independent manager. When you go the independent route, you can rest assured knowing that you are working with a company that has no connection with other embedded networks. If you hire a non-independent network manager, you could end up working with someone who has hidden motives, or who is operating an embedded network for an apartment complex or shopping centre that is your direct competitor. This may provide vital insights into your embedded network and leave your network vulnerable.

Choose ENM Solutions as Your Independent Embedded Network Management Company

In the end, it all comes down to transparency. At ENM Solutions, we operate a truly independent and transparent embedded network management company. Working with us, you don’t have to worry about inadvertently handing your information over to a competitor. You don’t have to worry about collaborating with someone who has reason to sabotage the feasibility of your network. You don’t have to deal with a person who may or may not be getting under-the-table commissions from a specific electric company.

Instead, you will get a clean service from a company you can trust. If that sounds like something you would be interested in, call us and schedule an appointment with one of our independent embedded network managers. Dial 03 98 366 366 to get in touch.