Systems with Utility: Using Embedded Networks to Save

If you’re involved in home ownership—especially with more than one building of tenants—chances are you have some opinions on embedded networks. Embedded networks aren’t uncommon in utility management, but they sometimes get a negative reputation. In fact, with a little management, embedded networks can be fantastic money-savers for invested property managers.

Moving Away from Classic Systems: Don’t Go It Alone

If you haven’t checked in on your electricity network, chances are you’re using the classic model. Classic electricity networks system involve an elaborate system of individual nodes. Each tenant unit in a building always has a meter. In a traditional system, each of those meters runs individually to the grid. Embedded networks group tenant meters together—along with their communal area meter—to one parent meter, which interacts with the grid on its own. We can then utilise economies of scale and on-sell electricity to tenants with competitive rates and, importantly, at a margin.

This system isn’t too complicated, but embedded network management can be a headache. It only takes a few uninformed decisions to change an embedded network from being a major money-saver to a disaster—and choosing how to run your system, or who to interact with for billing and other complications, can be difficult. Worse, it only takes a few disasters for embedded networks to start costing you more than the standard classic model—costs which are tough to stomach when they should be saving you money.

Enter an independent embedded network management solutionENM Solutions. As you may expect, embedded network managers tell you how to run your embedded network. These are usually industry professionals with plenty of experience, who know exactly what it takes to keep a network healthy in the long-term. Independent managers aren’t network operators—they don’t touch your network themselves, so all the decisions are yours. Instead, they will consult with you at every turn, advising you on the best and most common options for embedded networks and telling you how to optimise your own.

Advice is all good and well, but may not seem worth the price tag—especially when Google can tell you a lot about networks in general. Luckily, independent embedded network managers do more than just tell you about standard solutions. They get in-depth with the details of your network in a way you may not want—or know how—to do, so the plans they build for you take more information into account than most network managers can synthesise on their own.

Independent network managers are also great inside sources: they know the scoop about other industry workers, which means they can direct you towards competent professionals when you need to handle details such as billing management. It’s worth it to find a name you trust to handle the tricky details and keep your utilities running smoothly.

Independent Embedded Network Management on the Central Coast

If you’re on the Central Coast, your management options are better than most. You have the benefit of a local independent embedded network management company that has already been established as an influential community member: ENM Solutions. ENM’s track record shows that we know how to keep embedded networks healthy and stress-free for property managers while giving honest and transparent advice. That’s all it takes to make embedded networks not just a viable option, but the best one around. We will also comply with the rule requirements and ongoing services to ensure you comply with the changes.

If you’re working on utility management on the Central Coast, don’t shy away from change. It only takes a little extra information to lower your headaches and your costs—and keep your tenants happy at the same time.