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A Microgrid is a contained electricity grid that does not rely entirely on the traditional electricity grid. It has the capability to operate autonomously through the generation and storage of electricity and seeks to effectively and efficiently consume electricity. Improving reliability and reducing costs and emissions.

A Microgrid incorporates the elements of an Embedded Network, including the regulatory requirements and consumer protections, and takes it a step further to incorporate current and emerging technologies, such as Solar Generation, Battery Storage and Electronic Vehicle (EV) charging. It also incorporates energy efficiencies specifically for the common areas – type of lighting and sensors, and better management of elevators, HVAC and heat pumps.

It’s about providing cost effective electricity solutions that maximise the use of renewable energy and enable communities to, either individually or collectively, benefit from the communal generation, storage and supply.

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The issue faced by those in multi-tenanted buildings…
Consumers are grappling with the rising cost of electricity, the threat of reliability, and the necessity of reducing their carbon footprint. The result is a push towards electricity independence and self-sustainability.

What if you can’t physically pursue independence and selfsustainability?

Consumers that own or rent a property within a multi-tenant building, such as an apartment building or shopping centre, are limited by allocated roof and basement space – key to achieving independence and self-sustainability. Initiatives to implement such infrastructure, such as generation and storage, therefore lies solely with the single owner or Owners Corporation/Body Corporate.

Fortunately, many of these multi-tenanted buildings, residential and commercial, have been set up with the preliminary phase of a Microgrid, a private electricity network known as an Embedded Network, that can facilitate the integration of generation and storage and share the benefit amongst occupiers.

Smart Cities – The Future…

Efficient and effective management of individual multi-tenanted buildings, Microgrids, will lead the way to assemble entire communities and benefit from shared generation and storage – a Smart City. Utilising technology and data and embracing innovation will lead to better management and supply of electricity for the whole community; reflected in lower costs, increased reliability and a heavy reduction in our carbon emissions. Of importance will be the customer centric approach that will put the experience of the individual in line with that of the city.
Through the Internet of Things approach, everyday objects, including appliances, cars, public transport and city infrastructure, will be interconnected and monitored, and used to drive real understanding, insight and action, to better manage and plan resources and services.

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