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October 14, 2020


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ENM Solutions is proud to join the Smart Energy Council.

ENM Solutions joining the Smart Energy Council is an important next step in cementing a commitment to improve awareness and uptake of clean, efficient, and smart energy solutions for Embedded Networks across Australia. Becoming a member signifies our intent to continue driving and advocating for the fantastic opportunity that Embedded Networks present for market driven clean and sustainable energy solutions.

The Smart Energy Council (SEC) is the peak body for solar, storage and smart energy in Australia, a not-for-profit membership organisation committed to clean, efficient, cheap and smart energy solutions for all Australians (Smart Energy Council, 2020). ENM Solutions looks forward to engaging with the SEC and continuing to create discussion around sustainable and clean energy solutions for Embedded Networks across the NEM.

ENM Solutions Managing Director James Pearce had this to say on the future, direction and opportunities of Embedded Networks:

“It’s an exciting time to be innovating in the electricity industry, particularly with the evolution of Embedded Networks, to Smart Embedded Networks, Microgrids and Smart Cities. We (ENM Solutions) share the SEC’s commitment to clean, efficient, cheap and smart energy solutions for all Australians and look forward to bringing these solutions to our clients.”

While ENM Solutions is an accredited Embedded Network Manager with the Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO), our expertise also includes consulting and project management for Embedded Networks across the National Electricity Market (NEM). Reach out today to discuss your Embedded Network and how you can get the best possible outcome for all parties while acting sustainably and with an eye to the future.

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About us:

ENM Solutions is a leading provider of Embedded Network and electrical Professional Services across the National Electricity Market. With clients in all major cities, we partner with some of the country’s most knowledgeable consultants, service providers and equipment manufacturers to conceptualise, design, implement and manage the future of the electricity market.

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