ACT Government's Independent Review into Embedded Networks

February 22, 2024


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Over recent years, the regulation and operation of Embedded Networks within the National Electricity Market (NEM) has been given significant attention in line with the growth of Embedded Networks. Specifically residential embedded networks, as outlined recently by the Australian Energy Regulator (AER).

Throughout reviews held by Victoria, New South Wales and the AER - all have identified the benefits of Embedded Networks and leant heavily on the areas for reform. The Australian Capital Territory (ACT) Government’s independent review, commissioned in 2022 has by contrast drawn on its findings to outline a path forward within the state that utilises the benefits of embedded networks for customers.

The Government report's 21 recommendations, did not include a recommendation to ban embedded networks and found no evidence of price gouging occurring. The report went on to explore the benefits of embedded networks and identified the need to make renewable energy more accessible. This led to a partnership between the ACT State Government and the Australian Government, that will deliver solar installations across multi-unit apartments.

Perhaps most importantly, the ACT Government signalled its intention to work within the existing regulatory framework to continue supporting consumer protections -including acknowledgement that the ACT reference price already indirectly caps prices within most embedded networks.

This review is unique in that it has provided two immediate outcomes from the recommendations through the implementation of the solar installation program,and a new website designed specifically for the community to better understand embedded networks. This addresses a consistent theme through all the jurisdictional reviews, that further education of the community on the benefits and way in which embedded networks fit within the energy sector is required.Improving the understanding of consumers to ensure they are getting a fair price, know they have market access and understand how embedded networks operate can only improve the outcomes for both consumers, and those looking to utilise these networks as an efficient and effective energy service to consumers.

For more information on the "Everyday Climate Choices" website or a copy of the ACT Government report, please preview out the links below.

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